8270A and 8370A Modular High Pressure Controllers


100:1 control turndown

8270A and 8370A Modular High-Pressure Controllers is a pressure range 100 times smaller than the full scale that will meet the control specifications without reducing supply pressure.  For example, an 8370A with a 70 MPa (10 000 psi) high range module and a 700 kPa (100 psi) low range module will be able to control pressures below 700 kPa (100 psi) to within ±0.014 kPa (0.002 psi) without reducing the supply pressure.

Flexible configuration options

The 8270A and 8370A are modular systems that can be configured with up to five measurement modules at the same time, so they can handle high pressure, low pressure, and everything in between. Three families of modules provide three levels of performance that let you set up a system matching your needs for accuracy and value.
Good: PM200 Pressure Measurement Modules Better: PM500 Pressure Measurement Modules Best: PM600 Measurement Modules
  • 0.02% FS specification makes it ideal for calibrating or testing pressure dial gauges, lower accuracy transmitters, or pressure switches
  • Rugged silicon pressure sensor design allows for faster control
  • Economic price point helps facilitate the purchase of backup modules, making sure you are never down for calibration
  • Highly characterized and linearized silicon pressure sensor provides an economical way of making accurate pressure measurements
  • 0.01% reading measurement uncertainty from 50% to 100% for most ranges allows for wide workload coverage
  • More than 45 ranges, from low pressures up to 20 MPa (3000 psi) to choose from. Your application is covered with this wide flexibility in configuration.
  • Fluke Calibration Quartz Reference Pressure Transducer (Q-RPT) technology provides precise measurement with long term stability
  • 0.01% reading measurement uncertainty from 30% to 100% of the modules’ span allows for extremely wide workload coverage
  • Onboard barometer included with absolute mode modules, allowing them to be used in both absolute and gauge mode

Modern replacements for hydraulic deadweight testers and comparators

Safety: the number one priority

Safety is the top priority in the design and manufacture of our pressure products, especially high-pressure pneumatic controllers.  The 8270A and 8370A meet all appropriate safety standards.  Each unit is equipped with over-pressure protection as well as a front-panel abort button.  Pressing the abort button vents the test pressure and returns the unit to a safe condition.  Additionally, an abort valve accessory allows for faster, directed vent, as well as automated venting at the loss of power.  High-pressure gas does have more stored energy than high-pressure oil, but it is a safe option under the right conditions.  By using the 8270A or 8370A with the available accessories, you have a safe operation with a clean pressure media.

Calibrate oil or gas devices without the risk of contamination

The 8270A and 8370A, coupled with the optional CPS, can calibrate both gas-filled and liquid-filled devices without concern of contamination.  With its wide pressure range coverage, one controller can accomplish the task that used to require two separate standards.

Easiest to use high-pressure standards available

Automated pressure controllers are some of the simplest, easiest-to-use pressure standards.  Controlling and measuring pressure is as simple as typing in the required pressure and pressing Enter.  Unlike deadweight testers, you do not need to spin weights at a particular speed or calculate gravity or temperature corrections.  Unlike pressure comparators, the process can be fully automated and stability is achieved and maintained in a fraction of the time.

Flexibility to handle a wide variety of applications and workloads

The 8270A and 8370A can be configured with different classes of modules with different pressure ranges.  This gives you the flexibility to handle a variety of applications and workloads.  Uncertainties as good as 0.01 % reading are available across the vast majority of the range, making it an ideal replacement for deadweight testers.

An affordable solution that can grow as your requirements do

With their wide pressure range coverage, the 8270A and 8370A can replace multiple standards at once.  Thanks to the modular design, pressure ranges and capabilities can be added at any time, allowing for lower cost of entry in favor of future expansion, growing with your needs.

Ideal for characterization or calibration in production processes

Whether you manufacture large batches of low-cost pressure sensors or customized, expensive pressure sensors for aerospace and other mission-critical applications, the 8270A and 8370A are ideal for use in your production line.

Robust design provides unsurpassed control performance

The 8270A and 8370A make use of our unique pressure control technology, first developed to handle some of the harshest pressure calibration applications.  This technology provides unsurpassed control performance over a wide pressure range over an extended life cycle, reducing your downtime and maintenance costs.

Modularity makes maintenance a snap

The 8270A and 8370A make use of Fluke Calibration’s modular platform design.  Measurement and control modules can be easily removed through the front panel to simplify maintenance or re-ranging requirements.

Control speed meets the demands of a manufacturing environment

With times to setpoint as low as 30 seconds, the 8270A and 8370A can control pressures faster than traditional high-pressure controllers can.

Support for remote communication and automation

The 8270A and 8370A support remote communication over RS-232, GPIB, USB, and ethernet connections.  Using either the native SCPI protocol or a variety of emulation modes, these controllers can be used in a wide range of automated processes.

The clean operation to 100 MPa (15 000 psi)

The wide pressure range control allows you to use the same test station for low, medium, or high-pressure work.  By using a pneumatic pressure controller in your production process, you can provide your customers with a clean product, free of oil contamination.

Automate with COMPASS® software

COMPASS for Pressure software enables you to automate the 8370A and 8270A and run complete pressure calibration sequences on single or multiple devices under test (DUTs). The 8270A and 8270A feature a full remote interface that also lets you use it with custom software or other data acquisition equipment.

Support and services when you need them

Fluke Calibration offers testing, repair and calibration services to meet your needs quickly and at a fair cost while maintaining the high level of quality that you expect. Our pressure calibration laboratories are accredited for conformance to ISO Guide 17025 and we maintain global calibration and repair facilities.

Get peace of mind and uptime with a Gold CarePlan

A Priority Gold Instrument CarePlan gives you peace of mind and maximum uptime from the people who know your Fluke product best. It includes an expedited annual calibration and extended warranty to help you reduce downtime by a week1 and get the best performance from your instruments.  Choose from one-year, three-year, or five-year care plans. (Note: Priority shipping times vary by country. Contact your local Fluke Calibration sales representative for details.)

Training options help you to get the most from your investment

Fluke Calibration sponsors pressure and flows calibration courses for both novice and expert pressure calibration professionals in our Phoenix, Arizona facility. We also host a series of free webinars about a wide variety of pressure calibration topics. If you need the training to help you maintain your fleet of pressure controllers, we can help you there too.
General specifications
Power requirements 100 V ac to 240 V ac, 47 Hz to 63 Hz
Fuse T3.15 A 250 V ac
Max power consumption 100 W
Operating ambient temperature range 15 °C to 35 °C
Storage temperature -20 °C to 70 °C
Relative humidity Operating: <80 % to 30 °C, <70 % to 40 °C
Storage: <95 %, non-condensing. A power stabilization period of four days may be required after extended storage at high temperature and humidity.
Vibration MIL-T-28800E
Altitude (operation) <3000 m
Warm uptime 15 minutes after power-up or module installation, when items previously-stored within Operating Ambient Temperature Range.
Ingress protection IEC 60529:IP20
Safety IEC 61010-1, Installation Category II, Pollution degree 2
Weight and Dimensions
Weight (Chassis only) 13 kg (28.5 lbs) / 15 kg (35.25 lbs)
Dimensions Height: 147 mm (5.78 in)
Width: 452 mm (17.79 in)
Depth 488 mm (19.2 in)
Rack mount dimensions 3U-19 inch rack
Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)
IEC 61326-1 (Controlled EM environment IEC 61326-2-1; CIPR 11: Group 1, Class A
Group 1 equipment has intentionally generated and/or uses conductivity coupled radio-frequency energy which is necessary for the internal functioning of the equipment itself.Class A equipment is equipment suitable for use in all establishments other than domestic and those directly connected to a low voltage power supply network that supplies buildings used for domestic purposes.

Emissions that exceed the levels required by CISPR 11 can occur when the equipment is connected to a test object. The equipment may not meet the immunity requirements of 61326-1 when test leads and/or test probes are connected.

USA (FCC) 47 CFR 15 subpart B, this product is considered an exempt device per clause 15.103.
Korea (KCC) Class A Equipment (Industrial Broadcasting & Communication Equipment)
This product meets requirements for industrial (Class A) electromagnetic wave equipment and the seller or user should take notice of it. This equipment is intended for use in business environments and not to be used in homes.
Communication Interfaces
Primary Remote Interfaces IEEE, Ethernet, RS-232, USB
System Connection Supports interconnection of 2 or 3 systems
Switch Test Connection Standard BNC Jack:
Nominal 24 V dc isolated drive
Maximum 30 V dc w.r.t.chassis ground
Aux Drivers 4 external Solenoid Drivers
24 V dc Drive (Maximum drive 6 W continuous per channel
Operating characteristics
Control specifications
95 % of setpoints are within specification limits for stated conditions as calculated by the mean plus 1.67 standard deviations of test data.
Control Precision (Dynamic Mode) 0.002% Range Span or 0.01 kPa (whichever is greater)
Control Turndown 100:1 (typical)To meet the control specifications, supply pressure should not be greater than 100 times the range of the measurement module. Control turndown is defined as the relationship between the provided supply pressure and the appropriate supply pressure for the range
Low Control Point 1 kPa (0.15 psi) absolute (8270A only)
7 kPa (1.0 psi) gauge (8370A, 8270A without vacuum pump)
Settling Time Settling time is the time required to be within 0.005% of setpoint for 10 % steps into volumes up to 50 cmfor all pressures >7 kPa absolute (8270A) or 7 kPa gauge (8370A). Settling time may be affected by multiple variables, including temperature effects, component flow rates, leaks, and overall volume configurations.

Pressure Measurement Module (PMM) Dynamic A Mode 1 Dynamic B Mode
Range < 44 MPa  Range > 44 MPa Range < 44 MPa Range > 44 MPa
PM200/PM230 30 seconds 45 seconds 60 seconds 75 seconds
PM500 35 seconds 60 seconds
PM600/PM630; 45 seconds 60 seconds 60 seconds 75 seconds
1 8270A: Settling time for setpoints less than or equal to 200 kPa absolute may require an additional 15 seconds.
8370A: Settling time for setpoints less than or equal to 700kPa gauge may require an additional 15 seconds.
Overshoot (Dynamic A) 0.08% Full Scale or 2 kPa (whichever is greater)
Overshoot (Dynamic B) 0.008% Full Scale or 2 kPa (whichever is greater)
Pressure Limits
Supply Port (8270A/8370A) Maximum 48 MPa (7 000 psi) gauge / 110 MPa (16 000 psi) gauge
Minimum 2 MPa (300 psi) gauge for 8270A and 8370A
Test Port (8270A/8370A) 44 MPa (6 400 psi) gauge / 107 MPa (15 500 psi) gauge
Reference Port 150 kPa (22 psi) absolute
Vent Port 150 kPa (22 psi) absolute
Relief Valves/Rupture Disk
8270A Chassis Supply port relief valve is set to 52 MPa (7 500 psi)8370A Chassis Supply has a rupture disk installed which is designed to burst at
152 MPa (22 000 psi). The low-pressure manifold relief valve is set to
52 MPa (7 500 psi).

Modules with full scales ≤ 44 MPa include pressure relief valves

Supply Gas Type
Clean Dry Nitrogen, Helium, Argon, or Air – Industrial Grade Nitrogen, 99.5%+
Vacuum Supply
>50 liters per minute capacity with Auto Vent featureThe system will exhaust gas through the vacuum system when controlling down in pressure. Appropriate protections are necessary.


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